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Rental of waste compactors and press containers in Austria

With a waste compactor or a compacting container, large quantities of waste can be easily compacted to a minimum, cleanly and safely stored temporarily and efficiently transported away. That is why JET waste disposal solutions are an essential part of today's sustainable recycling process. However, customers are not always willing to purchase a "waste compactor" themselves.

In this case, we, the team at JET GmbH, offer you the option of renting waste compactors and compacting containers.

To meet every need, we rent out waste compactors and press containers in a wide range of sizes, all of which can be precisely tailored to your requirements – and without you having to pay for them directly in advance. If at any point the machine size no longer suits your needs, we are happy to offer you the option of changing to a smaller or larger disposal solution. You can also buy out the machine if you wish so.

JET GmbH – experience, expertise, reliability

With the use of our machines, the volume of waste and recyclable material that accumulates daily is efficiently reduced through compaction; to only 20% of the original volume or even less!

Thus, our disposal solutions not only contribute significantly to reducing your disposal costs, but also permanently reduce your space requirements. To offer maximum safety and the greatest possible functionality, our machines impress with their extreme robustness and simple operation, which you are welcome to see for yourself. Manufactured in Europe, they also give you the certainty of being technically mature and well-thought-out.

If you want to rent a waste compactor or a compactor container, you have come to the right place:

Because not only do you benefit from personal advice and in-depth support in all your questions, but also the safety check and annual maintenance are already included in the monthly price. Your satisfaction is always our top quality goal – a claim that we permanently ensure through many years of experience, comprehensive expertise and the greatest possible reliability. Contact us – together we are guaranteed to find the optimal disposal solution for your needs!

HIRING compactors and baling presses

As JET GmbH, our company has a rental fleet of approx. 900 waste compactors; and can draw on a fleet of approx. 3500 compacting containers and baling presses in the company network.

JET compactors and balers are available in real-time!

After a short analysis of your needs for rental waste compactors, we will be happy to offer you the appropriate compactors and baling presses without obligation. In many cases an economic solution, and as an alternative, a business class variant will be suggested. All compactors and balers are delivered and handed over including operating instructions and in a safe condition.

Commercial conditions

Prices in EUR plus VAT
Pricing  ex-works
Payment by agreement / credit rating

Transport, commissioning, assembly, training, safety briefings and safety checks will be gladly offered in addition after the inventory has been made.

Maintenance and servicing are always included in the rental price. We reserve the right to make new or used machines available for rental.

Your advantages

Smart companies, local authorities and other customers concentrate on their core business – and do not create capital for subordinate areas such as waste disposal.

Rental waste compactors at favourable prices are fully depreciated as operating costs, and there is no need to create fixed assets.

22/26 Full flexibility: Depending on your needs, the number of your JET waste compactors can be increased or completely dissolved. Rental compactors can be easily exchanged.

The same applies to JET rental compactors and baling presses:

Real availability and operational condition

You rent professional equipment – INDEPENDENT of the transport company!

We are available by phone and in person (no call centres, waiting in the phone line ...). Our company is familiar with the technology offered and the related standards and safety requirements.

JET offers commissioning and other services for all baling containers and baling presses in Austria and neighbouring countries.

Our rental offer will soon be available here!

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